Farmer’s Log

Farming: the final frontier.

These are the voyages of the Starship Sunraven. Her continuing mission: to explore strange new agricultures, to nurture new life and new generations, to boldly go where no one has gone before.

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From @FeminineFarmer

Chickens Gone Wild

I started letting the chickens out of their coop every day starting the end of March when they were still itty bitty and housed in the north annex of the milking barn (what is now officially the chicken brooder room). The first day I let them out, I was quite nervous. As a completely brandContinue reading “Chickens Gone Wild”

The Bee Bath

There is a colony of honeybees that currently reside in an exterior brick column of the farmhouse. It could have gone unnoticed for months, but for two things. First and foremost, my dad spied the bee activity from inside the house one afternoon. Leave it to my former law enforcement father to make such anContinue reading “The Bee Bath”

Mother Nature

I grew up in Mississippi, so I am well versed in severe thunderstorms and tornado weather. My hometown had civil defense sirens throughout the city. Any time there was an official tornado warning, they would go off, alerting everyone of the potential danger. Our farm is situated outside the limits of a much smaller city,Continue reading “Mother Nature”

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