I Love My New Chicks

Having survived my Trial by Fire, I am finally getting to enjoy the new chicks. My first ever flock currently has 19 members. Eight of them are Andalusian chicks and eleven of them are Welsummer chicks. If you are curious why I picked those two breeds, you can read this earlier post.

Prior to the chicks arriving, I was most excited for the Andalusians. They were the first chicken breed I decided to purchase. They are heritage, dual-purpose birds with larger combs and wattles that do well in hotter climates; and they lay beautiful, large white eggs. Another reason I was attracted to them was their gorgeous gray coloring. I am a big fan of the blue (aka gray) coloration, but I also think the black and what they call “splash” (which is just white with differing amounts of gray) are equally attractive.

Now that the chicks have arrived, the Andalusians do not disappoint. Of those remaining, there are 2 black or mostly black chicks, 1 dark black-gray chick, 3 mostly light-gray chicks and 2 white or “splash” chicks. You can see all but the dark black-gray Andalusian in the picture below.

As for the Welsummers, I decided to get them as my second breed largely because they had such beautiful dark brown eggs, and their warm coloration was a lovely contrast to the cooler whites, grays and blacks of the Andalusians.

Now that they have arrived, I am completely charmed by their chipmunk appearance and spunky personalities. They definitely appear to be the more assertive of the two breeds. For example, there is a group of about 4 to 5 Welsummer chicks that are always the first to check out anything new in the brooder, while it is the Andalusians that are typically hanging back when there are changes or something new. In addition, it is those same brave lil’ Welsummers that let me occasionally stroke their chests without running away. I may have started with a love affair for Andalusians, but I have come to adore the Welsummers even more!!

I will keep watching their behavior, but the bottom line is that both the Andalusians and the Welsummers are now doing really well, particularly now that I moved them from a farmhouse bathroom to the north annex of the milking barn. They are so content in their new space and making lots of happy chirps!!

TLDR? I am so in love with my new chicks.

True confession?? I already ordered 15 Ameraucanas for delivery in late June. That would mean I would have white + brown + BLUE eggs. Chicken momma hormones?!?

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