LED Light Bulbs Anyone?

I have completed or near completed a number of non-trivial farmhouse tasks since moving in on Friday, January 8th. I have a mailbox. I have a backyard fence. I changed out the HVAC air filters. I have started my flock of chickens.

At present, my ongoing farmhouse-specific project is turning out to be bigger than I anticipated. In theory it is simple — change out all the light bulbs inside the house to more energy-efficient LED bulbs. Easy-peasy in concept, but in execution, it has already taken an enormous amount of time, and I am only about 60% done replacing the bulbs on the first floor. I still have the second floor to do and after that, all the exterior lighting. Whew!

**And before I continue to complain about the size of this project, I know that I am blessed to have such so-called “problems” and ample means to solve them. I recognize that I live in the most beautiful house on the most beautiful farm in the world (as every proud homesteader and farmer thinks of their slice of heaven) and I am thankful every day!! Caveat completed.**

First off, there is an enormous number of light sockets in this house. The interior of the farmhouse is almost 4,300 square feet. On top of that, there is a light in almost every closet. Seriously amazing! I can’t tell you how many houses do NOT have lighting in the closets. And then there are the multitudes of ceiling fans that usually have 4 or 5 light sockets each. And three different built-ins with glass doors and display shelves, each with an ingenious row of night lights. And the list continues. Point is, there’s a lotta lotta lights of different sizes in a lot of different locations and heights in the farmhouse.

Second, I love daylight-colored light bulbs. Like love love them. I want them everywhere in my house because I prefer the energizing quality of the cooler daylight color; and as my eyes age, I find it easier for me to see things in the brighter light they provide. Don’t get me wrong, I adore cozy, but I tend to use textures, wall coloring and flooring to create cozy. On top of which, this farmhouse is blessed with loads of thick wood baseboards and door jambs and trestles all stained in a rich, dark brown. The amount of stained wood alone makes this house uber warm and cozy. Because I generally use daylight 5K bulbs in all permanent light fixtures (and use softer lighting in any moveable table and floor lamps), it means I have fewer bulb choices at my disposal, as warmer white bulbs are still the most common; and as such, shopping for the bulbs is more challenging and time-consuming.

Third, each of these light fixtures requires cleaning off the years of accumulated dust and debris, including the removal of oodles of desiccated insect carcasses. Then the old bulbs have to be carefully removed from their fixtures. This can be a short and easy affair, but because some of the bulbs are years old, they are fragile enough to break unless care is taken with each removal.

And lastly, I am often distracted by my new chicks and the ongoing process of settling into the farmhouse (e.g., what is best way to mop and clean my wood floors, getting bids for gutter and window cleaning). TLDR is that this LED-bulb-replacement project is taking a lot longer than I thought when I wrote the two items on my to-do list, “buy bulbs, replace bulbs.”

Anybody wanna hazard a guess as to how long this project will take to be complete?? I started first of the month and am not yet done with first floor. Fingers crossed I am done by month’s end!!

*Thanks to Daniele Franchi on Unsplash for the colorful Featured Image photo.

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Born in Chicago, grew up in Mississippi, and raised a family in Seattle. Coming back home to MS for part of the year to work on our new farm and spend time with my father. These are my voyages.

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