LED Light Bulbs Anyone?

I have completed or near completed a number of non-trivial farmhouse tasks since moving in on Friday, January 8th. I have a mailbox. I have a backyard fence. I changed out the HVAC air filters. I have started my flock of chickens. At present, my ongoing farmhouse-specific project is turning out to be bigger thanContinue reading “LED Light Bulbs Anyone?”

The Chickens Are Coming!

So isn’t that Featured Image photo ADORABLE?!? Normally I put photo credits at the end of a post, but in this case, I am moving it up to the top to say many thanks to Hannah Oliver on Unsplash for her wonderful and truly adorable Featured Image photo. Now on to other things…. It is hard toContinue reading “The Chickens Are Coming!”

The Fence That C Built

I should ask my two boys how they feel about the fact that I tend to call them by their first initials. I don’t know that I ever have? Because my brain frequently thinks one thing but says another, I am constantly calling them the wrong name. Or worse, I call my youngest “Justice,” whichContinue reading “The Fence That C Built”